Just six years ago, when I was passing out from Royal College,  I wrote something (I can not say it is a poem) for the souvenir of the group 2004.  By that, I wanted to advice my friends :) . Read it and enjoy.

Lucia and Ramby

In the field closer to the temple,
under a bamboo bush,
a giggling tickling couple
are in depth of their hearts

Who are they ?
Lucia and Ramby

Lucia, Martin's female canine........
Ramby the buffalo, Sophie belongs......

What they are talking ??
I am gonna listen it....

Lucia : Darling, can I ask you a question ?
Ramby : Yes dear
Lucia : Does love obey the wave particle duality ?
Ramby : Yes darling, It has a momentum and a frequency

I am amazed !
The knowledge, the intelligence
Are they really a bitch and a buffalo ?

Time passed rapidly
hours, days and months
Their love grown like a huge tree
One day, she brought a (un)happy news !
"You are to be a father !"
Huureh! he jumped up to the sky..

I am amazed again
A child resulted by two different species ?
Biologically impossible

Oh! Ramby, where is your knowledge ?

Oh no, I understood
and  I am not amazed
He is a buffalo and she is a bitch as well !

Tronic nite fun Quiz 

Fresher's night's are one of the most fun events held in universities. Our batch (05') too organized a wonderful night to welcome our juniors. There, my contribution was a fun quiz where some funny questions based on electronic and telecommunication were asked . Watch the video.(It is in Sinhala language and I apologise the readers who don't understand the language )