Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Virtual Quantum Processor

         Though usable (for people) quantum computers are not available yet, can we develop a virtual quantum processor same as the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ? can we virtually implement virtual quantum registers, quantum processors etc on a general computer with a high processing power ? If it is done, this will be really helpful to understand and develop quantum algorithms which are going to rule the world of computing in coming decades.
        But the problem is whether we can run quantum computations on a traditional processor. Hardware of traditional PCs may restricts the operations of quantum algorithms. The best example is random number generation. Study the random() functions written in languages like C,C++ or Java. They are not real random value generations but pseudo random. 
        Wave function is something that calculates the probabilities after the collapsing from superposition state. Virtually creating such  a quantum superposition is a tough ask. 
        However if we can find a solution for this with some improvement of hardware, results will be invaluable.