Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Building a mathematical model for astrology

Can we do that ?
        Finding a way to mathematically prove that there can exist a 'Method' or a 'procedure' similar to astrology which can predict the human behaviour or his future by studying the behaviour of 'Planets' or 'Some other objects' or 'Some other people' is quiet a difficult task. This may not be a proof for existing astrology.
        It is fair enough to claim that  "we can try to build a model that can predict the human behaviour with some accuracy".  It is obvious that planets cannot influence people. But 'Planets change with people'. Not only planets but people change with people also.
        What all we have to do is to find the correlation among the objects in universe and behaviour of people and identify the patterns. 
        Such a model can be called as 'Analytical Astrology' and will be highly useful in our day-to-day life if successfully implemented.