The foliole community

            Today we are at a juncture where the climate change is irreversible if no tendentious action has been taken. It is not only a responsibility of UN, governments or NGOs, but of humanity to protect the earth for the next generations as in retrospect, we are the culprits for the prevailing disaster. 

            Everyone should contribute to each individuals best, to mitigate the current rate of exploitation of nature. We, ‘The Foliole Community’ are committed to gather individuals and engender a great force to protect the earth. We believe this can only be achieved as a communal effort, but with the proper understanding of active individual contribution. 

           Everyone who joins the community should pledge to be committed to reduce the personal carbon emission as best as possible. Therefore, by joining us you eventually become a person who did your part to protect the earth. You are also invited to engage in activities organized by the foliole.  

          The foliole community is the platform created for individuals who really wants so something for the man kind. Community was formed in 2009 with the objective of collecting people to work together to achieve its ultimate goal, mitigating the climate change. The community understood that such a goal is achievable only if everyone on the earth acts together and honestly.

         The foliole community identified that there are three groups in the society who do nothing to thwart this danger. First group doesn't know anything about climate change while second group aware of it but not provided with the opportunity and third group know about everything but doesn't want to do anything. The foliole identified awareness as the solution for first group and joining the foliole community for the second group. Then we can convince the third group as majority represent the first and second groups.
          The mission of the foliole community is to organize activities which can attract those three groups in the society and carry out projects to make our earth a better place for next generations.


Founded by : Mufthas Rasikim, Dinesh Gamage, Chamitha de Alwis and Chanaka Rupasinghe

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